Standard Spray Booth

  • Wallboard: Sandwich style EPS
  • Galvanized steel roof panel
  • Basement: Galvanized steel sheet and square steel pipe construction. 2 rows of grids with floor filter & 3 rows of checkered plates and 2 pcs of ramps.
  • Door: 3 pcs of front doors with aluminum frame. Size: 3000(w) x 2750(h). 1 pc of emergency door
  • Air Circulation System: 2x4kw intake fan, 1x5.5kw exhaust fan.
  • BELIMO 20N electric damper.
  • Burner: Italy Riello G20 diesel burner, 200000Kcal/h. The heating time 5-7min(20-60c). Max. temperature 80c Fuel consumption is 4-5kg/vehicle.
  • Heat Exchanger: Made of stainless steel. The heat exchange rate reaches 85%.
  • Lighting System: Ceiling light has 24 pcs of LED 6500K. Side light has 16 pcs of LED 6500K
  • Filtering structure. The primary filter can capture granules larger than 10µm.
  • Ceiling filter capture granules bigger than 5µm. The air cleanliness in the working environment can reaches 98%.
  • Pollution Control System: Multi-layer fiberglass filter.