Single Post Hoists

Car Soft One Post Hoist Sydney is the perfect full rise hoist for those customers (with minimum floor space) who want to store two vehicles in the same floor space as one vehicle would occupy. The Car Soft Single Post Hoist can be used to raise and store your car or light truck to over 5.7 feet in the air, freeing up extra garage floor space.

The column fits easily under a 10 foot (120 inch) ceiling, and the open center between the runways allows the operator to have access to many parts of the vehicle that are not accessible with a mid-rise hoist.

The fixed runways are much easier to "drive-on". You do not need to move arms to the correct position under the vehicle. The runways are wide enough to accommodate most cars and light SUVs/trucks.

The Car Soft One post hoist operates on 240 volts electricity.

The Car Soft Single Post hoist has a lifting capacity of 2.5 tonne and can handle most cars and light trucks. The ramps fully support the wheels of the vehicle so that the vehicle’s suspension system is always in a "resting" position at any height.

If you need a space saving single post hoist that can raise your car high enough to allow you to walk under the vehicle for an oil change, or provide enough clearance to store one vehicle under another, then the Car Soft Single Post Hoist is your perfect choice.

If a four post hoist is just TOO BIG for your garage, please consider the Car Soft One Hoist Sydney to solve your storage problems.

Single Hoist Specifications:
  • 2.5 tonne capacity.
  • Mobile single post lift with durable nylon wheels, easy for moving around and space saver.
  • Upgraded swivel arm design.
  • Electro-hydraulic operation.
  • Mechanical safety lock release.
  • Heavy-duty fixed frame and base plate.
  • Lifting arm lengths are adjustable for car lifting points.
  • Lifting Height is 1750 mm.

To watch a video of this kind of hoist operations:

One Post Hoists
One Post Hoists