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Your one-stop-shop importer, seller and repairer of Spray booths & vehicle Hoists
We Sale, Service, Repair, Inspect and Certify all kinds of Spray booth and vehicle hoists
Our team of technicians and engineers would be more than happy to meet all of your spray booth or hoist needs

Brilliantly designed Australian Made Spray Booths might be most well known when you hear the Carsoft name, however our services do not stop at spray booths only. We strongly believe in service maintenance and back up support. Which is why our ever expanding service team is ready to support our customers for the lifetime of there booth.

About Us

Carsoft is one of the leading importer, repairer and seller of Spray booths, vehicle Hoists and industrial equipment's throughout the Australia.

Our Vision

To be one of top choices for repairing and selling simple and economical equipment's that can sustain the environmental . . .

Our Mission

Provide outstanding solutions and services and be a single-source and unbeatable solution for Spray booths & vehicle Hoists services


Fine cognizance on the existing auto garage repairs requirements has made us become a single-source for large and small shops auto garage equipment's needs.

From towing equipment to high-end automotive repair, industrial strength maintenance and machinery tools, Carsoft offers it all. We will Endeavor to make sure that our engineer will reach you no later than 24 hours after your request. Above all we are committed to provide top quality equipment's and services you can rely on.

Carsoft Spray Booths have continuously looked to innovation and customer service to ensure long term durability when designing the large range of Australian built spray booths. It is more clear today that Australians are more aware of their global impact and the running costs of their workshops as well as implications of spray painting. Carsoft has worked to develop low emissions technology ensuring companies understand the ability to reduce their carbon footprint with new more economical, environmentally friendly heating systems, filtration and materials. We believe in building spray booths that are inexpensive to run and provide a cleaner painting solution.

What We Do - Spray Booths


Provide high-level spray booths and hoists that meet the needs and expectations of our clients and maximize their business profitability

Carsoft Spray Booths is the only Australian spray booth company to provide a complete service division. Carsoft service and maintain all spray booths with scheduled servicing programs and quick response breakdown services.

Our Spray Booth Project Specialists:

The Carsoft Team are specialists at designing and delivering unique spray booth projects, no matter how large or small its what we are good at…

Technically advanced spray booths:

A Carsoft Spray booth is clean, efficient and Australian made to fully comply with all relevant Australian Standards…

A large range of Spray Booths to choose from :

Standard Spray Booth

Customized Spray Booth

Truck and Bus Spray Booth

Automotive Spray Booths

Aviation & Aerospace Spray Booths

Custom & Large Scale Spray Booths

Commercial Vehicle Spray Booths

Industrial Spray Booths









Our Services

spray booth services

Spray Booth Services

The largest asset of a smash repair shop would be a spraying booth for sure. Maintaining this important part of the shop is not just a change of filters!!


Spray Booth and Hoist Services

Improving the safety and life expectancy of a car hoist is an important issue for any business, not only to meet the OHS requirements..

spray booth


Product certification is the process of certifying that a certain product has passed performance tests and quality assurance tests, and meets qualification criteria...

spray booth

Spray Booth and Hoist Installations

With well experienced teams of vehicle hoist technicians, Carsoft can provide you with all your vehicle hoist and spray booth installation and service needs.


Parking System

fully automated system featuring combination pallets that enable horizontal and vertical movement of parking spots just like a puzzle to park and retrieve cars..