Four Post Hoists

Four Post Hoists

Special for wheel alignment operation.

  • Driven by hydraulic cylinder in stable ascending and descending.
  • Suitable for lifting various small and medium-sized vehicles with total weight for 3.5 tons, 5.5 tons, 8tons and up to 20tons in garage and workshop.
  • Offering full-range mechanical safety protection by using the safety latches.
  • Connected by four steel cables which forced synchronized movement of the lift in order to effectively prevent the sloping of the vehicles.
  • Equipped with Secondary Lifting hydraulic jack and sideslip which suitable for wheel alignment.


  • Capacity: 4000kg
  • Lifting height: 1650mm
  • Lifting time: 45s
  • Total height: 2016mm
  • Total width: 3025mm
  • Total length: 5550mm
  • Power supply: 240V 2.2kw
Four Post HoistsFour Post HoistsFour Post HoistsFour Post Hoists

Standard Four post specifications:

  • Capacity: 3600Kg
  • Lifting Height: 1835mm
  • Clearance Under Runways: 1735mm
  • Overall Width (Without Motor): 2650mm
  • Overall Width (With Motor): 2895mm
  • Length Between Columns: 4000mm
  • Overall Length with Approach Ramps: 5270mm
  • Overall Length without Approach Ramps: 4450mm
  • Approach Ramps: 925mm
  • Total Runway Width: 540mm
  • Runway Length: 4200mm
  • Runway Thickness: 100mm
  • Width Between Runways: 950mm
  • Width Between Runway Rails: 800mm
  • Outside Runway to Outside Runway: 1890mm
  • Size of Column: 160mm x 90mm
  • Clearance Between Columns: 2400mm
  • Base of Column: 245 X 290mm
  • Height of Columns: 2100mm
  • Maximum Wheel Base: 3900mm
  • Drive Thru (Outside of tire to outside of tire): 2045mm
  • Cable Diameter: 9mm
  • Thickness Of Steel: 4.75mm
  • Motor: 220~240V 50 Cycle
  • Shipping Weight: 780Kg
  • Shipping Dimensions: 420x56x72 Cm