About Us

Carsoft is one of the leading importer, repairer and seller of Spray booths, vehicle Hoists and industrial equipment's throughout the Australia. We provide services and sales for vehicle hoists and import a comprehensive range of spare parts.

At Carsoft, we believe in providing tailor-made solutions to your equipment needs. It not just only your order is important to us but maintaining of long-term business relationships will always be our major objective. Above all we all strive hard to make sure that you always receive value for money services in all your dealings with us.

Our products are regularly checked by our overseas qualified and experienced quality control officer against all local relevant Australian standards and safety measures. We at Carsoft are committed to make sure our products be the best in the market hence, we will keep the prices as competitive as possible.

Every product is sold through our company will be warranted against any defect either workmanship or material.

"Our prime business asset is customer satisfaction."

"Our aim is to be the main supplier of Australian Automotive car spray booth and vehicle hoists. Our Products have all relevant certification (Nationally and Internationally) where required."

CARSOFT Puzzle parking system fully automated system featuring combination pallets that enable horizontal and vertical movement of parking spots just like a puzzle to park and retrieve cars. A fully automatic independent system, it can be easily configured and customised to any property.

Our most popular and versatile mechanical parking solution is the Puzzle. You can build up to a 7 level configuration; with or without pits and is ideal for new construction or retrofits. This mechanical parking lift also works in a tandem configuration without impacting retrieval time. They are widely used in residential, mixed use, and public garages in impacted urban areas. Replacing traditional stackers with the Puzzle can drastically reduce valet costs since each space is independently accessed. The Puzzle can be used indoors or outdoors and requires a minimum clear height of 3,8 meters beginning with the 2 level system.

Our main Goals:

  • To maintain the highest quality standards for our products.
  • To provide the best customer service possible.
  • To help customers stay in their budget.

Our Vision

To be one of top choices for repairing and selling simple and economical equipment's that can sustain the environmental conditions and fulfil our customer needs

Our Mission

Provide outstanding solutions and services and be a single-source and unbeatable solution for Spray booths & vehicle Hoists services